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Friday, July 30, 2010


Peace and Grace to all, and welcome to my blog. This is where I'm supposed to write things about myself, likes and dislikes maybe, but this is where beth (me!) shines thru singing about "things' that I am so passionate about. I am drawn to items that are used and loved. Things that truly have an "antique past." I frequent second hand shops, goodwill, tag sales and the unique places that I also travel to. One of my favorites is a place named The Olde Trunk off of State Road 40 here in Indiana. It is just a wide spot in the road really, but this little place got me started in my love for the primitive and old. We live in a 120 year old farmhouse in Central Indiana surrounded by corn and soybean fields. We have two dogs and one horse. Our kind and loving German Shepherd Isabella, our crazy Jack Russell named Zip, and my husband's quarter horse, Miss Belle (Jingle Belle) :).
 I have a beautiful daughter, Erika Faith and Samuel (Sam), my strong and handsome son. My husband John is the love of my life and has the most gentle heart of anyone I know. We both love to travel backroads and take in all of the beauty that is ours here in Indiana.

Come and follow me on my blog as I post the unique and primitive that I find on my journeys. It's all going to be simple and nothing fancy-schmancy. Just a story teller telling her story. A potter molding the clay. A Hoosier farmgirl at heart living the simple life and telling about it. Pictures of life in my Indiana world here from the Quiet Shepherd Farm.